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The Family Histories contained in this website are the result of a lifetime of research by Clifford Trethewey. Not only do they present the details of the lives of our family, but they are set in the context of the times in which they lived and contain extensively researched history, particularly involving the Royal Navy.


Each of the histories above is presented in Adobe pdf format and may be downloaded for personal use only. The material contained therein is copyright and may NOT be copied or used more widely without written permission.

The Knott family

Readers wishing to know about the KNOTT family of lighthouse keepers are advised that the detailed history of the family and the lighthouses is contained in the new book Light On The Forelands - details here.

Additional Knott family material can be found in the book Lighthouses of Cornwall and Devon.

... and why not take a look at the Lighthouse Keepers Database for a detailed discussion of keepers and their service.