Clay Country - St. Dennis

Trethewey in the 18th. Century.

by Clifford Trethewey

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This introductory book to our TRETHEWEY Family begins by discussing the origins of the name and the difficulties in identifying individuals. It seeks to identify the first in the line of descent that called St. Dennis his home parish. That man was Thomas born in 1675 and came to live in Nanpean. It was his money that bought a farm called Gothers, close to the heart of clay country, and it was his son Thomas who lived there. One farm soon became two as a farm named Enniscaven was bought for his son William, but property ownership carries with it responsibilities. It cannot provide a home for everyone who would like to live there. Succession becomes an issue and the Cornish are strict when it comes to propriety. This book uncovers all the disappointments as William’s son Richard inherits and his son John does not. And is forced to leave the parish and seek a new life in Plymouth. This book creates the atmosphere of 18th century St. Dennis before it was turned inside out by open cast clay mining and the despoliation of the parish.